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    About Dr. Manisha Chahal, M.D.

    Dr. Manisha Chahal is a board-certified interventional pain management professional who specializes in minimally-invasive procedures. She has experience in pain management procedures such as spinal cord stimulators, transforaminal epidural injections, rhizotomies, ultrasound guided nerve blocks, and regenerative treatments.

    With BeVITAL Wellness Center, Dr. Chahal takes a holistic approach to ensure health and well-being by combining the benefits of regenerative therapies (pain management) and wellness services. In addition to pain management, BeVITAL offers aesthetic and body contouring services.

    Whether it is regenerative therapies, Botox, or Emsculpt®, Dr. Chahal’s entire team help patients in leading their ideal life. BeVITAL Wellness Center aims to transform your life by redefining the way you look and feel. Discover health with Be VITAL Wellness Center.

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