Patient Reviews

Dr. Chahal is very nice and you will feel very welcomed and comfortable! All the staff members are super nice as well. I recommend going and I can’t wait to see the results!

– Juhi Jain

My experience at BeVital with Dr. Chahal was nothing short of amazing. I’ve struggled with back pain and poor posture for as long as I can remember. After a few treatments I’m thrilled to say I’m impressed with the results I’m seeing! Thank you so much Dr. Chahal! You are incredibly passionate and caring in all you do! Can’t thank you enough!

– Tanya Spalliero

It was a great experience. Dr. Manisha Chahal was very informative and answered all our doubts/questions. I would highly recommend her.

– Manish Nagpurkar

It was great experience. Dr Chahal was very knowledgeable and makes you feel comfortable through the entire process. I would recommend her to anyone who is interested in Emsculpt.

– Shikha Tripathi

Dr. Chahal is an expert in her field. She makes me feel at ease and is very thorough. She is highly recommended!

– Gina Soto

Dr. Chaval is the best!!!

– Delmy Jaghab

Be Vital Wellness Center – Emsculpt Neo is the best thing you can invest for yourself. This is the dream gym! You lay down and let the machine do the intensive workout for you without pain or soreness. You will start seeing results within a week. As patient I am extremely happy with the result I am starting to see on myself. Looking forward to see the end result. Its a safe treatment that builds muscle without introducing anything artificial to your body. I highly recommend Be Vital Wellness Center. Dr. Chahal and her team members are highly professional. Excellent service.

– Ana Saravia

I am extremely happy with the results, it exceeded my expectations,. I have tried losing belly fat for years and this process made a huge change within weeks, and in addition it has tremendously ease cravings for junk food, I highly recommend it.

– Patricia Saravia

The entire BeVital team has shown me they are dedicated to ensuring positive outcomes for their clients. I am very happy with the results so far. I feel much better, my core is stronger and my lower back pain has noticeably decreased.

– Bruce Jernick

My experience was amazing! Dr. Manisha and her staff are extremely professional and nice! There is a major improvement in my core strength! Thank you!

– Gianna Martin

My appointments are always quick, and pleasant. Very important for me since I am squeezing this in during the work day. Love the results! I have a pretty significant diastesis from 3 pregnancies and I see a major reduction in the size and improvement in core strength. Love it!

– Andrea Thomas

Great experience with BeVital wellness center. Dr Chahal is wonderful, very personable and professional. The procedure was explained to me in detail and I was very comfortable. The results are amazing!

– Mary Osterman

Recently, my pain management doctor recommended that I try Emsculpt. I have severe lower back issues that limit the exercise that I can do on my abdomen. I researched Emsculpt and decided to give it a try.
After my third visit, I felt that my clothes were fitting more comfortably around my waist. I noticed that my self-esteem has also improved as a result.
I am glad that I went ahead with Emsculpt so I could look better and improve my health.

– John Cevetello

I had a great experience with BeVITAL Wellness Center. Manisha Chahal M.D and her staff are very professional, attentive and explained each step to make me feel my most comfortable. They put on music of my choice to relax me during my procedures. They asked me always to drink enought water to help smooth the proccess.
Emsculpt essentially causes 20,000 muscle contractions in 30 minutes. EMSCULP helps reduce fat and build muscles at the same time. No workout required. Here are other benefits: 1) Improve tone and shape of the glutes, abs, legs and arms 2) Build muscle and sculp without hitting the gym 3) easy 30 minute treatments. Achieve quick results 4) Non invasive. No side effects. No downtime. 5) Everyones results may vary.
Many friends, and co workers noticed the difference within my first few visits. I believe that these treatments will help me be a better marathon runner helping me to tighten my core. Thank you so much for such a wonderful.

– Thomas Davis

“BEST decision ever! I have a problem with balance and toning my muscles really helped with walking and movements in general. I’m diabetic and my A1C also went from 6.3 to 5.6 and I believe that was because of the BeVital program. I feel sooo much better about my health”
– Martha Benot

“I’ve been seeing Dr Chahal for many years. She has helped me tremendously with my migraines and pain issues. A few months ago she told me about a new treatment to help tighten my core muscles. The BeVITAL treatment helped my pain and reduced the size of my stomach! Needless to say I was extremely pleased. Dr Chahal seems to always know about different and new ways to make you feel better”
– Richard Galeota

“My experience at BeVital with Dr. Chahal was nothing short of amazing. I’ve struggled with back pain and poor posture for as long as I can remember. After a few treatments I’m thrilled to say I’m impressed with the results I’m seeing! Thank you so much Dr. Chahal! You are incredibly passionate and caring in all you do! Can’t thank you enough!”
– Tanya Spalliero

“Doctor Manisha Chahal was great. Answered all my questions. Made me feel at ease. Loved the e sculpt. The staff was great. I have told family and friends about the procedure and that I was thrilled with the results.”
– Kathleen Gasparri

“Wonderful staff! Customer service is outstanding. They make you feel as comfortable as if you’re in your own home. Great healthy way for good results!!! Highly recommended!!!”
– Daniel Vitale

“What a great knowledgeable doctor. She explained everything and told me what was necessary to fix my issues. Highly recommended.”
– Verified Patient

“I was recently treated by DR. CHAHAL for knee pain i was living with for some time. DR. CHAHAL gave me a thorough exam on both my knees and decided PRP treatment would be the best way to treat my pain. DR. CHAHAL treated one knee first gave it time to take effect and then did my other knee. I have been without pain for some time now and am very grateful to DR. CHAHAL she took the time to find out my problem and treat it in the best way. Unlike most doctors who seem to be in a hurry and rush in and out DR. CHAHAL takes the time to examine and ask a lot of questions about your injury so as to treat it properly.” 
– Verified Patient

“I love Dr. Chahal she’s wonderful I was in pain for 2 1/2 years and she fixed me I will recommend her to everybody she’s a wonderful doctor”
– Verified Patient

“Dr Chahal works hard helping me get a handle on my chronic pain issues. She actively discusses all the most current medical opportunities available for my various conditions. She is very understanding and empathetic to my pain issues. I highly recommend her.”
– Maryellen Alvarez

“Dr. Chahal took the time to explain my MRI findings and also went over the options for my condition. I would recommend Dr. Chahal for pain management care.” 
– Verified Patient

“Great expert and care! Dr. Manisha provided clear information about causes and treatment offered. Excellent Doctor.”
– Yogesh Patil

“My first time to a pain management doctor, learned a lot. Dr. Chahal was very nice, informative, felt very comfortable. Looking forward to a nice patient & doctor relationship..”
– Verified Patient

“First appointment with Dr. Chahal. She was very thorough, and explained my diagnosis and treatments. I look forward to seeing her again and highly recommend her.”
– J T. Kelly

“Excellent Doctor! Very thorough and attentive to my specific needs. Also, well informed in cutting edge treatments!”
– Verified Patient

“Dr. Chahal is a very thorough and caring physician! She takes as much time as needed, to get the bottom of any issues you are having, and explains all treatment options in detail. I will recommend her to anyone I know who is having orthopedic issues.”
– Verified Patient

“Dr. Chahal is a very knowledgeable person she has ease my mind and clearly knows what she’s doing I’m very thankful for her right now and not in so much pain thanks to her she will be my doctor forever thank you.”
– Adriana

“Very professional and caring Doctor. Takes the time to explain what’s wrong with you and puts together a plan to treat you.”
– Verified Patient

“Dr Chahal is a smart, professional who understands the needs of her patients. She is a compassionate and knowledgeable partner in helping you combat chronic pain issues.”
– Verified Patient

“The whole surgery staff was very caring, compassionate and listens to my concerns, Dr Chahal was very good as well as all the other doctor’s involved in my care.”
– Verified Patient

“The doctor is well knowledgeable and kind and considerate as she is giving you shots. The best I have found in the Somerset area.”
– Verified Patient

“Dr. Chahal is an amazing doctor who has helped where others have failed. Dr Chahal and her excellent staff are amazing care givers that will help ease your pain I highly recommend them.”
– Verified Patient

“Dr Chahal is on point…. Very Professional, My Experience with Her has Been Amazing When i met her I could not walk… i am 58, she has motivated me to drop 50 pounds her treatment programs have got me up and Back to work. Love Having her on my Team to Recovery”
– TommyT

“I want to thank Dr. Chahal from the bottom of my heart for encouraging me not to give up. From the first time I met Dr. Chahal, she was supportive, caring and attentive to my condition. I felt comfortable in her care at that moment and decided to give Dr. Chahal a chance. The difference in my life from that initial consultation to now is amazing. When I first started in Pain Management with Dr. Chahal, I felt like an 80-year old woman. On a scale of 0-10, my pain was a 20. Now, I am able to function and live a “normal” life. I can think clear and there is no cloud over my head. I never thought I could feel as good as I do. Dr. Chahal was able to make a difference in my life and I would recommend Dr. Chahal to anyone.”
– Verified Patient

“In those 15 years every Dr told me I had chronic pain and it would only get worse, let’s increase your medicine. Dr. Chahal offered me treatment and assured me when I felt better when would discuss lowering my dose. Through the treatments of Physical Therapy, trigger points and siliac shots I have more motion within my body but more importantly I feel if this progress continues I can without distress and pain lower my does and hopefully one day not be a slave to my pain. Thank you Dr. Chahal.”
– Verified Patient

“I visited Dr Chahal this past fall. Her treatment was a complete success. My life without sudden severe pain is such a positive change.”
– Verified Patient

“Dr. Manisha Chahal is caring, patient, and determined in finding solutions for chronic pain. She doesn’t stop trying. I have severe scoliosis with arthritis in the thoracic area which leaves me in chronic pain. The worst being a burning pain which radiates from my spine across my left side to the front of my torso. After many attempts to find help, I once again went to my primary doctor who suggested a visit to Dr. Chahal. I was skeptical because this certainly was not my first visit to a pain management specialist. My other experiences were disheartening as I had been told that injections could not be done in this area because of the risk of lung puncture. Desperate for help, I met with Dr. Chahal and she told me she would not stop until she exhausted every method to help me. She was able to do a series of injections which provided some short-term relief and then did a rhizotomy (burning of the nerve) which has provided longer lasting relief. Life is better now in little ways that you don’t think about when you suffer from chronic pain. Being able to cook dinner for my family or play longer with my beautiful grandchildren are things I couldn’t do a short 6 months ago. While not perfect, it’s a big improvement from where I was and I’m thankful for that. Dr. Chahal has done for me what I did not think was possible.”
– Verified Patient

“I have been seeing Dr. Chahal for almost 2 years, and she is the first Pain Mngmt Dr that actually listens to me. She has helped me get off medicines that I didn’t need to be on from previous pain dr and has replaced it with procedures that I have had great success with. The staff is always friendly and makes me feel that I’m heard. I have, and will continue to, highly recommend Dr. Chahal to those in need of a Pain Management doctor.”
– Verified Patient

“Prior to visiting Dr. Chahal, I was experiencing continuous and severe pain in my lower back due to arthritis. The pain was frequently too much to bare unless I took strong pain medication, which negatively affected my mood and clarity of thought. After some preliminary evaluations, Dr. Chahal performed a Radio Frequency Ablation to burn away several of the nerve roots in my lumbar. Almost immediately my lumbar pain was gone and life was worth living again. Dr. Chahal literally saved my life. It has been seven months since the Ablation procedure and I am still pain free in my lower back, which is expected to last for one to five years, or until my nerve roots re-grow. When the lumbar pain does return, Dr. Chahal can repeat the procedure.”
– Verified Patient

“Dr. Chahal is a caring’ compassionate doctor…..she is patient & includes me in my plan of care…she allows time for my questions & offers explanations for each procedure. I have suffered with extreme headaches since the age of 8, and as a 65 yr old woman, who has endured many different approaches to my health, she is the first doctor who I feel is making a difference in my total wellbeing.”
– Verified Patient

“I have lived with headaches for almost 10 full years now, due to a brain tumor being removed when i was 18 years old, and had a VP shunt placed in. The pain of these headaches is something that I have simply up until now just lived with and worked around. Dr. Chahal recommended we try botox to help after trying a few other options that did not work, and i was a HUGE skeptic but two days after my first treatment I woke up for the first time without a headache in years. Dr. Chahal has given me my life back and I would recommend her and the pain center to anyone trying to take your life back from the pain.”
– Verified Patient

“Suffering since 1971 and several injuries later over the years with agonizing pain from bulging discs, herniated and disintegrated discs I have given up hope of having a normal life pain free. I spent years being heavily sedated and spending my days in bed. I learned of Dr. Chahal and decided to give another doctor a try. Thank god that I did. The staff was very accommodating and courteous. Dr. Chahal spent her time with me explaining the tests that had to be done, and after testing explaining the results and what she proposed had to be done to relieve the pain. Dr. Chahal suggested a Rhizotomy. After the procedure I am out of bed, walking and enjoying life like I wasn’t able to enjoy for decades mostly pain free. And without the need to be heavily medicated. Thank You.”
– Verified Patient

“I have a bad back including bulging discs and arthritis. i also have Spinal stenosis in the neck. I have been in agonizing pain for well over five years. I couldn’t even stand over the stove and cook. I would come home from work and be in tears. It was that bad. I have lost count of how many doctors and surgeons I have been to. No one could help me. I was about ready to give up. Then I found Dr. Chahal. She was very understanding, very nice. After an extensive interview she decided the best course was to try Radiofrequency Lesioning (Rhizotomy) burning the nerve endings in the lower right side of my spine. I had the process done before so I didn’t think much would become of it, but this time was different. I could hug and kiss her. I can honestly say I haven’t felt this good in five years. I can do things now that I couldn’t do before. I’m going in this week to have the left side done and after that my neck. The staff was courteous and very attentive of my needs and comfort before, during and after the procedure. If you’ve run out of hope like I was, pay them a visit. You won’t be sorry.”
– Verified Patient

“Dr. Manisha Chahal, with her pain management treatment has given me much relief. I have the ability to function without my back pain. She is also very compassionate and takes the time to answer my questions.”
– Verified Patient

“I had a great experience throughout my care here. The staff was very pleasant, I only had to wait for 10 min. This doctor is clearly very busy but she spent a lot of time with me, was very nice and thorough and explained to me using a spine model exactly what my MRI said and exactly where she thought the pain was coming from. She then gave me a step by step plan as to how she could help me avoid surgery, which was very reassuring. I even called the office a few days later to clarify something and the doctor called me back right away to answer my question. It is rare to get some personalized attention and time from a doctor these days.”
– Verified Patient

“I had a vertebral compression fracture causing intense pain down my leg. This doctor has wonderful bed side manner, she explained to me what was going on, she also got me an appt with an orthopedic surgeon in 2 days to get a vertebroplasty and she communicated with my family doc. She was very thorough and caring. I highly recommend her”
– Verified Patient

“She listened patiently about my uncommon pain condition and offered me medicine which worked like magic. I am pain free for past 3 months. I had visited many doctors before who could not help me. I wonder if any patient could write bad review for such talented and compassionate doctor. May be some patients get annoyed if doctors refuse writing narcotics.”
– Verified Patient

“This doctor was very caring. I felt that she really listened to me. She was able to come up with a diagnosis that my primary care doctor and the orthopedic doctor I had seen weren’t able to”
– Verified Patient

“Would recommend her to anyone. Also thought the Dr. was very nice and so was her staff.”
– Zakiyyah A.

“Dr. Chahal is understanding, patient, and caring. I would recommend her.”
– Melissa C

“Dr. Chahal was very nice and understanding. She really listened to what was going on with me. We went over different options for what would work for me, which made me feel included in my own care. I would recommend her to anyone I know.”
– Tonya L.