Emsculpt NEO offers the best in sculpting! You get to enjoy results without the intensive workouts! Approved by FDA, the cutting-edge technology from Emsculpt NEO delivers a safe and non-invasive technique of body toning and contouring. It helps in body sculpting, lifts, and tones the body muscle without the need for surgery.

The benefits of Emsculpt NEO treatment are many:

  • permanent fat reduction of 30%
  • Increase muscle by 25%
  • Tighten skin easily
  • Reduction in waist
  • Tone arms and legs
  • Create tighter, more visible abs
  • Firmer buttocks
  • No downtime required.

According to a study, 41 patients received three 30-minute RF and HIFEM treatments on the abdomen. The MRI findings revealed that there was a statistically significant decrease in abdominal separation by 18.8% at 3 months. The waist circumference was reduced by 5.9 cm in the same duration.

The MRI-assessment also revealed 30.8% reduction in subcutaneous fat and 26.1% increase in muscle thickness at 3 months.

The study concluded that the treatment delivered the following results, unrelated to dieting:

  • Simultaneous application of RF and HIFEM enhances the fat reduction and boosts up the muscle thickening effect.
  • Simultaneous application is more effective than using only HIFEM energy.
  • The treatments were safe and comfortable.
  • All of the patients were satisfied with the treatment results.

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