What is Regenerative Medicine?

Regenerative Medicine as it applies to the world of Musculoskeletal medicine is also referred to as ORTHOBIOLOGICS. It includes the use of Platelet Rich Plasma, Stem Cell, and other cell-based orthopedics for injuries of bone, muscle, tendon, cartilage, ligament.
The use of regenerative treatments dates far back in history to ancient Egyptians. In modern medicine, there are now over 20 years of research studies showing undisputedly the distinct advantage of regenerative medicine for improving pain.

Dr Chahal works hard helping me get a handle on my chronic pain issues. She actively discusses all the most current medical opportunities available for my various conditions. She is very understanding and empathetic to my pain issues. I highly recommend her.

Maryellen Alvarez

Great expert and care! Dr. Manisha provided clear information about causes and treatment offered. Excellent Doctor.

Yogesh Patil

First appointment with Dr. Chahal. She was very thorough, and explained my diagnosis and treatments. I look forward to seeing her again and highly recommend her.

J T. Kelly

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